Burkina June3

Still doing well. HOT! Just back from soccer; pray for a little girl who broke her arm. Day off – went to market. Pigs, chickens, goats and dogs in camp. Christians here with strong testimonies. 2 1/2 more days of clinic left.

Burkina Faso June 1

Martha writes:
About 10 new believers today!! Hot but all doing well! Good unity; awesome local pastors. Great African music. Lots of malaria.
Plenty to praise and pray about right there!

Burkina text!

I just got this from Martha-
Hi from Burkina! We are all doing well – very safe here with welcoming people who are treating us well. God is working and there are new people in the kingdom now!

Praise God! Keep praying!

Burkina Faso – May 31

From Martha’s letter:

Pray that God will reveal Himself to each of us in a fresh and new way. Pray that God will transform all of our hearts into hearts that love Him and desire to serve Him more with each passing day. Pray that each of us will realize that it is not the junk that goes on in our daily lives that is important but a closer walk with Him.

More info:
Our national partner is a Burkinabe group called Shattering Darkness (http://www.shatteringdarkness.org) which has been ministering to the Burkinabe since the 1970’s. Their motto: “We are an indigenous church planting ministry, to unreached people groups. Because time is too short, people are too lost, and hell is too real.” This website is worth looking at if you have time. In the “gallery” there are a couple of slideshows of previous GHO medical trips and since Scott and I take few photos, this might be the best way to get a feel for what we will be doing. Also, there are some wonderful pictures and stories of their leaders you should not miss.

Burkina Faso – May 30

Today was the first clinic day for the team (they are 7 hours ahead of us).

Martha writes in her list of prayer requests:
Pray for our clinics. Pray that many will receive physical healing. More importantly, pray for spiritual healing. These people live in tough conditions and some have no hope of ever having things better where they live or even physically.

From Martha’s letter of May 13: This mission to Burkina is our biggest stretch yet.  We are expecting to encounter a lot of malaria, yellow fever, AIDS and severe malnutrition.  This is the second poorest country in Africa and the statistics are dismal, with life expectancy at 47, the HDI at 177 of 182 world nations, and 100% animistic religion mixed with Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. We will be rambling over 7 hours of back roads from Ouagadougou and will see hundreds of patients as we set up our clinics here and there, maybe perched under a wispy shade tree, beside a  mud hut or wherever we can find a flat spot.

Burkina Faso 5/29

As promised, here are some prayer requests for today from Martha’s list. Some have been answered already!
Pray for safety in travel and all of our medicines and equipment arrive on time as well as our personal things. (Yes! almost all anyway…)

Pray that everything will go well through customs. (Yes!)

Pray for our families back home for their safety and peace for them. They will be anxious because their loved ones are in a strange country and some may be separated from family for the first time.

Grace and peace, Karen

Safely in Burkina!

Hi everyone!  We made it safely to Burkina Faso with the whole team making their flights!  Several people made it through customs despite forgetting their Yellow Fever certificates.  One suitcase of a team member is lost – please pray for it to show up! 
We are staying at a Baptist conference center in the capitol; we have showers, beds and fans — even had pizza for dinner. 
We had a good time of fellowship tonight as we met with Lynn who is the missionary heading Shattering Darkness.  She has an amazing passion for God and for the people of this country.  We heard stories of the way God has worked in recent times and also of some of the ministry challenges, some of which are similar to those we face at home.
Tomorrow the licensed providers meet with the health minister and then we drive to the area where we will work for the next week.  We do not expect to have power or cell access, though you never know!  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to do mighty things during this next week – all for God’s glory! 

With the love of Christ,

Scott and Martha

Note from Karen: I’ll be posting some of Scott & Martha’s prayer requests and info about Burkina Faso daily, to keep this in the forefront of our minds. Thanks for being part of this!